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Are you a fan of high-quality on-field football action? Then make sure you book your tickets to see The Georgia Bulldogs play at Sanford Stadium. You could join thousands of fans in cheering on a team that has had four decisive wins to start this season, placing them in a commanding lead in their conference. The Bulldogs are hungry for a championship run and will Attack the Day like no other team could, and now’s your chance to make sure you don’t miss out!

Georgia Bulldogs Tickets:

Head coach Kirby Smart leads the Bulldogs and sees victory in the program’s near future thanks to their powerful offense and impenetrable defense. Sports commentators are already calling The Bulldogs the team to watch this season and many fans agree. Only time will tell if the Bulldogs maintain their lead, but you can buy yourself front row tickets to see the excitement, through this website.

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Georgia Bulldogs Sanford Stadium

The Bulldog Nation Celebrates A Legacy of Greatness

The University of Georgia has one of the strongest collegiate football programs in the country with their Georgia Bulldogs football program. The team plays in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA and play their games in beautiful and historic Sanford Stadium on their Athens, Georgia campus. Even when the team first hit the field in 1892, the team played hard and came out strong, growing strong every year leading to two consensus national championships in 1942 and 1980. The program earned recognition as national champion in 1980 by the AP and Coaches Polls and was named National Champion by polling authorities in 1927, 1946, and 1968.

But the team’s successes don’t stop there, as they’ve also won an incredible 15 conference championships, including 13 SEC championships (which places them as tied for second-most in the entire division). The Bulldogs program has also produced standout players including two Heisman Trophy winners, four number-one National Football League draft picks, and several other nationally recognized awards. The program has produced no fewer than four players who have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as an amazing 15 players and coaches to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

The Bulldog nation, as the fans are called, have a lot to cheer on from this team with traditions and history that could only come from Georgia. The team has a legacy of greatness that includes over 800 recorded wins in their history, placing them as 11th all-time best in the country. With their noted success on the field, many college football fans are looking to the Bulldogs to beat last year’s champions, Clemson. You can support the Bulldogs path to glory by coming out to see their home games at Sanford Stadium.

4-0 Starts the Season Strong

Last year’s champions, Clemson, shocked the world of Collegiate Football with a hard-fought undefeated record that even now is driving their success. But if any sports team can push back and take this year’s race from the team, it has to be the Bulldogs. Like Clemson, the Bulldogs have gone 4-0 in their first four games this regular season. But these wins weren’t nail-biters that leave fans and commentators in doubt over their success. Each of these games was absolute crushes that force anyone to see that the Bulldogs mean business this year.

On August 31, The Bulldogs faced their first opponent this year, facing off against Vanderbilt in an away game. The game was publicized on ESPN with an attendance of 40,350 football fans. The fans that showed in support of both teams knew that this would be a great game, but they didn’t expect to see the stellar offense and defense that led the Bulldogs to a devastating 30-6 victory.

The trend continued on September 7, when Georgia met Murray State in historic Sanford Stadium. ESPN2 televised a game that was seen live by 92,746 fans who were all at the edge of their seats ready for something exciting to happen. But no one could have possibly prepared for Murray State’s humiliating defeat as the Bulldogs ran away with a 63-17 win. At this point, everyone knew that Georgia was playing for keeps.

The Bulldog’s next game came one week later on September 14, when they faced off against Arkansas State at Sanford Stadium. 92,746 fans watched alongside ESPN2 viewers, as Georgia played a complete shutout with a final score of 55-0. This game marked the first time rivals Clemson and Georgia played a shutout victory this season, which surely is making Clemson sit up and take notice. The Bulldogs were coming for their title.

The Bulldog’s fourth game this season came when Notre Dame took their shot at defeating the so-far undefeated team. While Notre Dame came closer than any other team this season, the Bulldogs still came out on top with a 23-17 victory.

The Bulldog Nation is shouting for the team to Attack the Day and it’s certainly looking like Georgia may be the championship contender that the NCAA is looking for.

Georgia Bulldogs tickets

What You Can Expect From a Bulldogs Game

When the Bulldogs take to their home field, it’s expected that every one of Sanford Stadium’s 92,746 seats will be filled. Not only is the stadium an incredible proving grounds that has kept the Bulldog Nation united in support of their team, but it’s also played host to some of the most incredible traditions and events in athletics across the world.

Did you know that the 1992 Summer Olympics used the stadium for that year’s men’s and women’s soccer Olympic medal competitions? The stadium was honored to play host to these landmark games and even removed the famous hedges surrounding the field to meet the required dimensions of an Olympic soccer match. Even though The Bulldog Nation was proud to play host to this incredible match, the removal of the famous hedges was a controversial move, as the hedges are as much a part of the stadium as their UGA Mascots. The hedges were cultivated from cuttings from the original hedges and replanted after the final games of the year, but Georgia told the US soccer Federation that it would not be interested in hosting a world cup match to avoid the problem in the future. Speaking of the world-famous hedges, the location and position of the hedges make every home game at Sanford a battle “Between the Hedges” as coined by sports writer Granland Rice to describe the home of the Bulldogs in the 30s, and the name has stuck.

The UGA mascot is another tradition that The Bulldogs are famous for. A live bulldog wearing the striking colors of the team can often be seen close to the field watching the events. UGA is cared for and treated as a member of the team and is beloved by fans of dogs and football alike. But unlike many live mascots across the country, every UGA that passes away is interred in a special mausoleum near the stadium, making Georgia the only university to bury their mascots inside the stadium.

The Ringing of the Chapel Bell is one tradition that fans and guests to Sanford Stadium will get to experience a lot this year. Ever since the 1890s, whenever Georgia wins the famous Chapel bells would ring until midnight to celebrate the victory. Originally, only freshmen were required to handle the duties, but now fans, alumni, and other students take up the duties of ringing in another Bulldog victory.

Come enjoy the fun by ordering your tickets to see the game!